Phones , parents and stuff

Here I go. When I was a child I was not aware about the differences between generations. But as I grew up, is almost impossible NOT to see it. As a former volunteer, I can say the main problem with kids nowadays is the same: the goddamn mobile phone. So we have one gold rule: under ANY circumstance you were allowed to use your mobile phone while you’re at the orphan. The problem is, you always want to take some pictures, because the kids are just so cute. And the instant you got your phone to take a picture, BAM! you’re surrounded.

At least they’re not burning your house

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How to -not- volunteering

I love volunteering. I’ve been doing it since I was in highschool – I was in a private religious school  – so since I was little I learned to give away all I had for smiles. Volunteering is not for everyone. As a former volunteer leader, I saw a lot of people the day we start, but they leave for different reasons: work, university, pary-time jobs and so. I always wanted my first child to be a girl, until I started to work in an orphan with just boys. And damn, they can be deadly hilarious.


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