A day with my sister

A week ago , my sister and I were going to the shopping mall -yup, she’s a shopaholic- when we saw a building burning.

Me: Do you think the firefighters are coming soon?

Sister: I don’t know.

Me: Yup, maybe I should call them. Do you know the number?

Sister: Duh, everybody knows it! It’s 911.

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Shopping with my sister /mom

Alright, I am a simple person when I go to shop. I spot something I really like, I ask for the price and buy it. That’s it. But my mother and my sister … they can take HOURS and still they don’t know what they’re going to buy.

To keep it short, we went to the street market in Lima to do some shopping. My sister had her hand full of bags, and I … bought just a jacket -the rest was “one size suits most (when actually they don’t)”- when I spot this AWESOME sweater on sale.

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