Party Queen?

I bet when you read the title you were thinking: “Damn, Nataly MUST be a party animal!” And the answer is yes, with the right people. Do you remember my cousing Macey and the rum story? We’re back for more. It’s like I finally found my soulmate: she’s cool, she’s not afraid to speak out her mind, we both love volunteering and … we can drink each other under the table. I think we might be vikings on our past life, because we can drink a lot when we are together … and that means we’re DANGEROUS.


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City anniversary

Oh dear. The crowdest day of the year is perhaps the city anniversary of my hometown. Don’t get me wrong, I love it … sort of. The streets are crowded and all the cities next to my hometown come to sell their product, which is really nice. You know, peruvians can be really creative with advertisement, let’s check some of them really fast:

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