Like parents, like son

Spending time with your family is lovely. You can see your parents looking at you, and they’re thinking: “where did you get that from?” and then you see you dad/mom doing the exact same things 5 minutes ago. Yes, genetics are a a pain in the ass. When Drake & Josh was airing on TV I felt like they were airing my life story: whenever my sister did something not-allowed, she got through it with success … but if I did the same I was the one getting caught.


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Phones , parents and stuff

Here I go. When I was a child I was not aware about the differences between generations. But as I grew up, is almost impossible NOT to see it. As a former volunteer, I can say the main problem with kids nowadays is the same: the goddamn mobile phone. So we have one gold rule: under ANY circumstance you were allowed to use your mobile phone while you’re at the orphan. The problem is, you always want to take some pictures, because the kids are just so cute. And the instant you got your phone to take a picture, BAM! you’re surrounded.

At least they’re not burning your house

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Sunshine Blogger​ Awards

Yesterday was a wonderful night. I went to the cinema and watched “Baywatch” with my parents, we had a delicious dinner and took a long walk home. Before going to sleep, I was reading through my e-mail and everything went as usual: spam videos, business mails, travel advertisement, and so. But then, I saw it:

“Congratulations! You’ve been nominated fot the Sunshine Blogger Awards”


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Halloween, parties & stuff

Everyone knows horror movies are my favorite. I’ve seen plenty of horror movies all my life , and I got traumatized several times. After watching The Ring, my sister and I couldn’t sleep that day. Next morning, my mother suddenly got into the room with her long white pajama dress -she has a long dark hair also- and we almost died. So everytime we watch an horror movie, my mom loves to scare us till death -mama, if you’re reading this, I love you-.


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How to -not- volunteering

I love volunteering. I’ve been doing it since I was in highschool – I was in a private religious school  – so since I was little I learned to give away all I had for smiles. Volunteering is not for everyone. As a former volunteer leader, I saw a lot of people the day we start, but they leave for different reasons: work, university, pary-time jobs and so. I always wanted my first child to be a girl, until I started to work in an orphan with just boys. And damn, they can be deadly hilarious.


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Sassy queen

For a long time ago I noticed most of my uncles and aunts were sassy and funny, and I was struggling to find the answer. Last week we had a family meeting, so I dare to ask them why. They all agreed at once: Grandma. I mean, my grandma has 6 childrens + she was working almost all day + she always had time to make breakfast, lunch and dinner. As one of my followers said: one kid is a blessing, two kids is heaven, three kids makes you a referee. I guess six kids makes you rambo.


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Besties day

The humidity didn’t bother me as I was looking forward to the most awaited day of the year because my best friend was coming to visit me. All the trivial things that annoyed me to no end on most of my days seemed well… trivial. Of course we spoke most of the time and most of the days on phone, video calls were frequent, and we missed each other. While I couldn’t take off the time, my lovely friend decided enough is enough!

It was a seven hour drive through the Ghats to my place and it was tiring.


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I may ask to my beloved audience -specially the married ones- this important question: If you already have one children, why having another one? I mean, it sounds like a great idea at the beginning: the kids will never be alone and they will take care of each other , right? Well, you’re ignoring one fact: siblings are ALWAYS trying to kill each other -yup, we’re very competitive-.  We asked several former mothers and all of them agreed on this:



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