A -not so- normal day

Today was one of these days. I woke up early, ate my breakfast, watched Gravity Falls -I love that show- and started to work online. Everything was alright until it finally happened. My internet connection was not working. And what’s worse, I couldn’t come up with a creative idea for a brand new design. So I did the only thing I could at the moment.


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Like parents, like son

Spending time with your family is lovely. You can see your parents looking at you, and they’re thinking: “where did you get that from?” and then you see you dad/mom doing the exact same things 5 minutes ago. Yes, genetics are a a pain in the ass. When Drake & Josh was airing on TV I felt like they were airing my life story: whenever my sister did something not-allowed, she got through it with success … but if I did the same I was the one getting caught.


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Sassy queen

For a long time ago I noticed most of my uncles and aunts were sassy and funny, and I was struggling to find the answer. Last week we had a family meeting, so I dare to ask them why. They all agreed at once: Grandma. I mean, my grandma has 6 childrens + she was working almost all day + she always had time to make breakfast, lunch and dinner. As one of my followers said: one kid is a blessing, two kids is heaven, three kids makes you a referee. I guess six kids makes you rambo.


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I may ask to my beloved audience -specially the married ones- this important question: If you already have one children, why having another one? I mean, it sounds like a great idea at the beginning: the kids will never be alone and they will take care of each other , right? Well, you’re ignoring one fact: siblings are ALWAYS trying to kill each other -yup, we’re very competitive-.  We asked several former mothers and all of them agreed on this:



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