How to -not- volunteering

I love volunteering. I’ve been doing it since I was in highschool – I was in a private religious school  – so since I was little I learned to give away all I had for smiles. Volunteering is not for everyone. As a former volunteer leader, I saw a lot of people the day we start, but they leave for different reasons: work, university, pary-time jobs and so. I always wanted my first child to be a girl, until I started to work in an orphan with just boys. And damn, they can be deadly hilarious.


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Sassy queen

For a long time ago I noticed most of my uncles and aunts were sassy and funny, and I was struggling to find the answer. Last week we had a family meeting, so I dare to ask them why. They all agreed at once: Grandma. I mean, my grandma has 6 childrens + she was working almost all day + she always had time to make breakfast, lunch and dinner. As one of my followers said: one kid is a blessing, two kids is heaven, three kids makes you a referee. I guess six kids makes you rambo.


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Besties day

The humidity didn’t bother me as I was looking forward to the most awaited day of the year because my best friend was coming to visit me. All the trivial things that annoyed me to no end on most of my days seemed well… trivial. Of course we spoke most of the time and most of the days on phone, video calls were frequent, and we missed each other. While I couldn’t take off the time, my lovely friend decided enough is enough!

It was a seven hour drive through the Ghats to my place and it was tiring.


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Mama’s day off

I love my mama. So much. When my sister and I were little children, we ran out whenever my dad said something -because he was so strict, with a deep voice and so- , but as we grew up we learned the one who rules the house was mama. She was very patient when we were kids , but we know she can go from “I love you, honey” to “‘I brought you into this world and I can take you back out”.

15 - 1 (23).jpg

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I may ask to my beloved audience -specially the married ones- this important question: If you already have one children, why having another one? I mean, it sounds like a great idea at the beginning: the kids will never be alone and they will take care of each other , right? Well, you’re ignoring one fact: siblings are ALWAYS trying to kill each other -yup, we’re very competitive-.  We asked several former mothers and all of them agreed on this:



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Party Queen?

I bet when you read the title you were thinking: “Damn, Nataly MUST be a party animal!” And the answer is yes, with the right people. Do you remember my cousing Macey and the rum story? We’re back for more. It’s like I finally found my soulmate: she’s cool, she’s not afraid to speak out her mind, we both love volunteering and … we can drink each other under the table. I think we might be vikings on our past life, because we can drink a lot when we are together … and that means we’re DANGEROUS.


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City anniversary

Oh dear. The crowdest day of the year is perhaps the city anniversary of my hometown. Don’t get me wrong, I love it … sort of. The streets are crowded and all the cities next to my hometown come to sell their product, which is really nice. You know, peruvians can be really creative with advertisement, let’s check some of them really fast:

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Going to the store

I usually think about sarcasm in life and how people is always surprising you. Maya was an average classmate in highschool that just “enjoyed the moment”, so whenever you asked her what did she want to study, she didn’t have a clear answer. She was the funny girl in the world with sassy comments and always struggling with Math and Science subjects. Well, we ended highschool and now she’s about to graduate … as a DOCTOR.

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