A -not so- normal day

Today was one of these days. I woke up early, ate my breakfast, watched Gravity Falls -I love that show- and started to work online. Everything was alright until it finally happened. My internet connection was not working. And what’s worse, I couldn’t come up with a creative idea for a brand new design. So I did the only thing I could at the moment.


Yes, I took a break. I went out with my family to enjoy a lovely and delicious meal and then we went to the park next to my house. That place is truly a paradise: green, with a lot of lakes and even a small train inside. While I was taking pictures and enjoying the walk, a lovely little penguin came to join me. I got a bit scared, but my parents insisted on taking a couple of pictures to post them online. As we were leaving, I noticed the little penguin was following me. The guard told me they’re quite aggressive, so I started to walk faster …. and the penguin was still following me! So I ended my afternoon … being chased by a penguin.


I would like to share a list of events about my crazy afternoon, but there’s a tiny detail: 3 of them are false and 3 are true.

  • I got a puppy in an animal shelter ❤
  • My webcomic is killing it! Just got more followers and I’m excited.
  • I have to do something good so I gave all my sister’s clothes to charity. She has tons of clothes anyway.

images (1)

  • I went to the gym again, now I dance like a pro (;
  • I’m about to launch a youtube channel, yay!
  • I took a giant worm to the center.

Have fun guessing the right ones! Here’s a clue:




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