Liebster Award: YAY!

I was having a rough time while blogging. Sometimes is really hard to come up with ideas, so I decided to do my favorite things to relax. I watched Gravity Falls -yeah, I’m a 24-year-old who loves cartoons-, and I must have to say that show is AMAZING! It has the perfect dose of comedy, dark humor and mystery in a lovely drawing style. So yesterday night I was watching Weirdmagedon 2 and then … no Weirdmagedon 3.


I was feeling really anxious -I HAD TO WATCH IT- so I went online to look for the episode on Youtube, and I found this AWESOME mail from Sunburnt Aloe. She has nominated me for the Liebster Award! I didn’t know what to say, but I was so so happy I forgot to watch Weirdmagedon and started thinking about a blog topic. The Liebster Award is a way to be discovered but also to connect and support the blogging community, so thank you, Sunburnt Aloe, for all the support! (:

Really guys, thanks (:

Amd with the award comes a new set of questions. This time I’ll share them pretty quicky, so you get to know me better (;

  • Stories for Laughs is about relatable life stories, humor and a couple of bad decisions that lead to awkward situations.
  • The most rewarding experience that I have since I write a blog is to connect to other people and to share stories.
  • My best advice: Alcohol is not the answer. Neither is smoking. And no, that chocolate cake is not the answer either.
  • My favorite place on earth is a small town 6 hours away from home, Huaraz. Very quiet, cold, with a lot of supernatural events green mountains and amazing food.
  • If someone visit my city I would suggest you to get away from here as soon as you can visit the white island and the church in the mountain.
  • What makes me happy? PUPPERS, toddlers, art supplies. Basically I’m a 5-year-old trapped inside a 24-year-old girl. 
  • My guilty pleasure? Watching cartoons. I really love how most people think cartoons are just for kids, but when you watch it as an adult you realize of the hidden messages inside the show.
  • I think the most difficult thing I had to overcome was Grandma’s dead. I really lost myself, gained a lot of weigth due to anxiety and started drinking. Now I just changed my life for better.
  • I’m most grateful for my family. Even when they roast me on a daily basis, they’re unique and that makes me happy. Thanks guys, because of you I have a comic strip (:
This is my lovely comic strip (:

And now, there’s a list of nominees who I would like to share with you. These blogs are brand new, but they’re rocking it so you better keep an eye on them:

Business & Life tips  This is a great blog for rookie bloggers. If you’re starting your blog and want some awesome tips, check it out!

Pip’s tips A new, fresh blog with relatable topics. As the blogger said: “surviving in the big wide world”.  I really like her headlines, like “20 things you don’t know about me, and probably don’t want to know but I’m going to tell you anyway!”.

A series of Curls  And this is our girly, fashion blog in this nomination. Tori Sullivan have an amazing style of writing, and I love her Loving / Not Loving entries (:

Just a Paper Doll    This lovely blogger is also a baker, and her blogs are so unique and funny! When she’s not blogging about cakes she writes some hilarious entries, like “Am I wise yet?”. Keep up the good work!

A piece of me:   This writer is just amazing, it goes deep into your soul. My favorite entries are “The crime of being you” and “The Ward”.

Oh, Leighann A girl who can speak out her mind and say whatever she wants to says. I loved her entry “Being single doesn’t have to suck”. You go, girl!


For the nominees


Congrats! Being a new blogger is not easy, and you’re doing a great job so far. This award, as I explained before, goes to new interesting blogs and is a great way to bring more exposure and networking. You don’t have to play along, but if you acept the award you have to follow this rules.


  • You have to thank the blogger who nominated you, follow his/her blog  and link back to the nomination entry.
  • You have to answer the questions or share 10 facts about you, it depends of the blogger.
  • You have to visit every blog who was nominated, and decide if you follow them or not -it’s your choice guys, do some networking!-.
  • You have to choose 5 or 11 blogs to nominate. Spread the love, people.
  • You must share the liebster award logo in your blog -use some widgets-. Show your followers that you’re a winner (:

For this nomination: Share 10 facts about yourself

Don’t forget to notify me once you publish the liebster award entry. I’ll love to read all of your post (:





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