We all have been there. After a movie night -especially if it’s a good one- we all want to be in the movie somehow. Who hasn’t dreamed of being a famous superhero? What about a secret agent who’s about to save the world? And to support this main idea, I’ll take one of the famous games of 2016: Pokemon Go. Man, everyone lost their minds when the game came out. I have to admit I spent a lot of time chasing Pokemon because I was so excited – I was a big fan of the show- and during that time I saw a lot of people falling off the floor several times while running.

And that’s why there’s a warning in the game

What about animated movies? We all grew up watching them, and they’re good: sweet, with this “follow your dreams” message, and heartbreaking. Every kid has their own favorite animated movie, and they can rewatch it over and over -I had a nephew who was obsessed with Frozen, I swear to God if I hear “Let it Go” one more time I will die-. Just take a look at this relatable situations:

-Animals are not as cute and friendly as in the movie.

-Real love does exist, and there’s one word to define it: FOOD.

-No, nobody is going to sing along with you in public. Use headphones, please.

Please. STOP IT!

As we grew up, we move to watch popular sitcoms. Some of them are amazing and exciting, with a dose of surreal events. And then there are sitcoms with slice-of-life stories.  About the last one, they also have their dose of fiction:

-If you want a taxi you’ll probably have to wait 30 minutes, not 5.

-If you’re in a group, everyone is speaking at the same time. It’s hard to have group conversations.


descarga (6).jpg
AHAHAHAHAHHA … What was he saying?



-Do you want a big, nice apartment to live in? You’re lucky! It’s very cheap. You just need $100,000,000 , your liver and one of your legs to pay for it.

-If you get inside my house without knocking the door first, I’ll call the cops.

-You want to arrange a meeting with your best friends? It’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE. If you manage to set up a meeting, the chances of being all together are 60% -we all have this friend who’s always busy-.

-It’s nearly impossible to have secrets in real life. Sorry guys, I don’t have a twin sister who’s hot and single.

Nope, I still know who you are.

The truth is, we have a lot of things in real life that can be amazing and not so fictional.  That’s why I’m trying to explain in this blog. Even if you can’t be the next James Bond or Wonder Woman, try to write your own story. I’ll guarantee, if you start enjoying your life you will face a lot of relatable situations that can make your life the most unique and awesome movie ever.











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