Like parents, like son

Spending time with your family is lovely. You can see your parents looking at you, and they’re thinking: “where did you get that from?” and then you see you dad/mom doing the exact same things 5 minutes ago. Yes, genetics are a a pain in the ass. When Drake & Josh was airing on TV I felt like they were airing my life story: whenever my sister did something not-allowed, she got through it with success … but if I did the same I was the one getting caught.


Back to the business. I can say my sister got all her “sassiness” from my mother while … I had to deal with being roasted all my life -that’s why you should only have ONE kid-. You might be thinking, what did I get? Well, here’s a list of things:

-I can nap through an earthquake -DAD’s side-. Seriously, if I’m sleeping and there’s an earthquake, I’ll still be sleeping like a baby. Mom had a hard time waking me up for school.

-Sensitive skin -MOM’s side-. Yes, I was the one suffering in a tickle fight. Plus I was a crybaby whenever I had to get my vaccines. Once, the doctors even chased me through the hospital because I didn’t want to get my vaccine.


-Naiveness. All kids are naive when they’re small. When I was a child, some people knocked on the door asking for mom/dad and they used to make me signs telling me that they were not there, and I was like: “Sir, my mommy/daddy is telling me they’re not here, please come back later.”

-Good memory -DAD’s side-. Yes dad, I remember every time you told me you’re going to drive me to the ice-cream store, all the “we’re going to the amusement park next week” and the classic: “if you don’t tell your mom I’ll give you $5”. And yes, I was the one pointing out when the teacher left an assignment and forget about it.

-Disorganized -MOM’S side-. There are two sides on my parents room. The clean, well organized side of my dad, and “Mordor”. I keep hitting my feet on mom’s side of the room, you’ll never know what you’ll find there.

These mugs completely describes their relationship.

And the “crème de la crème“:


Thanks dad. I hate to admit it, but I can be very, very clumsy. Every single time I’m stretching myself I always have to hit something. It can be my head with the wall behind me, my arms with the wall next to me or my feet with the chair in front of me. Wake up fresh in the morning, ready to start a brand new day … and I stab my pinky toe on the corner of the table. Someone left a box somewhere in the house and forgot to pick it up? There’s a 100% chance I’ll hit myself with it one day. Do you need someone to bring hot soup-coffee to your table? There’s a 100% chance I will drop it.

BEWARE: that could be your future son


Next time that you’re looking at your kid and wondering why one kid is a smartass and why the other is eating crayons, think about yourself for a moment. Yes, genetic is never wrong.





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  1. What a cool post! I’m a food blogger, and when I was growing up, my dad did nearly all of the cooking. The good news was my mom participated too, by cleaning up and knowing just the right wine that went with a pot roast. Now that I’m married, the tables are turned. I’m like my dad and my husband is like my mom used to be. Fun to think about.


  2. It is crazy how many traits we develop through genetics. For me while I grew up in care, I know I have more traits from my biological mum than my father. I know that my stubbornness comes from her but my creativity comes from my father. I am not a natural cook like my father but I am creative in other ways x


  3. Haha! A great and funny post! Is it bad that I’ve one kid, she likes to put makeup on the cat and give me sassiness all damn day, you would be mistaken and think she pays the bills lol!


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