Phones , parents and stuff

Here I go. When I was a child I was not aware about the differences between generations. But as I grew up, is almost impossible NOT to see it. As a former volunteer, I can say the main problem with kids nowadays is the same: the goddamn mobile phone. So we have one gold rule: under ANY circumstance you were allowed to use your mobile phone while you’re at the orphan. The problem is, you always want to take some pictures, because the kids are just so cute. And the instant you got your phone to take a picture, BAM! you’re surrounded.

At least they’re not burning your house

Kids were not the only problem. The real struggle: to show your parents how to use a smartphone. Oh god, we’ve all been there. When my parents got their first smartphone, I was their tech support for a week. I had a lot of funny conversations:

MOM: Sweetie, here it says I won a trip to Bahamas!

ME: Mom, it’s a virus

DAD: Honey, I can’t find my pictures

ME: Dad, they’re on your DCIM file, just look at the gallery

DAD: My what?!? But I can’t see the photos on Facebook

*note: I had to explain him how to download Facebook photos*

And the horror:

MOM: Alright sweetie, I just created my facebook account, add me!


There was something else: looking through your uncle’s / parents post and looking at the comments. That’s right: all the “You look good, send greetings to your family” and the random pictures that they take and upload to Facebook almost inmediately, embarrassing all the people in the picture. An example: my uncle usually uploads every single picture he takes without asking. When my cousin turned 18, he uploaded a picture when he was 4 running around through the house with no pants.

Stop it, dad!

So please, if you’re reading this and you’re a parent: Don’t. do. that. Have mercy of your poor millennial. And if you’re a dad who’s looking for a good punishment, here you have one 😛



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