Halloween, parties & stuff

Everyone knows horror movies are my favorite. I’ve seen plenty of horror movies all my life , and I got traumatized several times. After watching The Ring, my sister and I couldn’t sleep that day. Next morning, my mother suddenly got into the room with her long white pajama dress -she has a long dark hair also- and we almost died. So everytime we watch an horror movie, my mom loves to scare us till death -mama, if you’re reading this, I love you-.


My Halloween tradition was to watch horror movies with my bestie. My mother suddenly shows behind us to make random coments and scare us, which makes everything more funny. But since I moved out, I got a better one: I paint my face as a creepy clown, so whenever the kids come to ask for candies I just show my face through the window and they inmediately ran away.

descarga (3)
Don’t you dare to come back!

Last year was different: my friend was making a halloween party and every girl was talking about their sexy outfits. I decided to keep mine as a surprise, to make things more interesting. It was October 29th -2 days before halloween- and I was ready to go, when I realize I had to buy the birthday present. As I was walking I noticed everyone was starring at me and all the kids were running away, when I saw my reflection and I almost shat myself. Damn, I outdid myself this year.


I spend half-night with the girls and I had the creepiest outfit, so it was a win-win. The night was going alright when I received a phonecall. Damn, it was Mike’s birthday and I almost forget it. I took a taxi to the party -it was a public bar- when I noticed everyone was starring at me again and giving me compliments. I forgot to take the costume away.

descarga (1).jpg

Needless to say, I got a lot of facebook request after that night. I must state at this point that I HATE to be in the spotlight, but I will do whatever it takes to make my friends laugh (:



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