How to -not- volunteering

I love volunteering. I’ve been doing it since I was in highschool – I was in a private religious school  – so since I was little I learned to give away all I had for smiles. Volunteering is not for everyone. As a former volunteer leader, I saw a lot of people the day we start, but they leave for different reasons: work, university, pary-time jobs and so. I always wanted my first child to be a girl, until I started to work in an orphan with just boys. And damn, they can be deadly hilarious.


My first experience with a group of boys was the best one of my entire life. They had 11-12 years old and they made my day every weekend. Once, my friend was wearing pants with blue military print and sunglasses. We decided to make 4 groups of 5 and we told them to make a sketch with different topics. My friend’s group topic was bullying, so when they started the sketch they were kicking him and laughing at him wile a “reporter” was asking questions. He told the kids: “why are you bullying him?” so one of them replied:

“Have you seen his pants?”

Don’t wear this around kids unless you want to be bullied.

Next year , I was leading a group of kids between 7-8 years old. They were the sweetest things on earth. they were so exciting and enthusiastic, and always wanted to help … but they were also little devils. For the orphan anniversary we decided to make a Dragon Ball theme party, we made a “piñata” and a “pin the tail on the donkey” game. The kids were having fun hitting the piñata with the stick, when the piñata finally fell down and the horror started.

What a brilliant idea: to give candy to 7/8-years-old childrens. What were we thinking?

After the piñata, the kids were running everywhere, playing soccer, yelling and asking for more candies. Yes, we released their inner devils. Self-advice: please, if possible, try to not give candies to little kids. You’ll thank me later.

Tasmanian Devil-lucas-conejo
And that’s us the rest of the year. I can’t complain, at least my legs were in shape.



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