Besties day

The humidity didn’t bother me as I was looking forward to the most awaited day of the year because my best friend was coming to visit me. All the trivial things that annoyed me to no end on most of my days seemed well… trivial. Of course we spoke most of the time and most of the days on phone, video calls were frequent, and we missed each other. While I couldn’t take off the time, my lovely friend decided enough is enough!

It was a seven hour drive through the Ghats to my place and it was tiring.


Well, my dear friend stayed in a hotel a town over because every motel, hotel and lodge was booked in my town because of an ongoing international college fair. Now I could totally travel back and forth in the bus to the city my friend was staying in and we could look around places there, but seemingly my friend who is the kindest and sweetest and caring person I know (selfish to spend more time with me too) decided to pick me up and go back to the same city which is a one hour away! So it’s like special three extra hours spent on driving back and forth, well did I also mention this friend of mine dropped me back and had to go back to the city again – I KNOW RIGHT! CRAZZZY! -.  But as I said earlier, kindest, sweetest and most caring person I know and also because of the car to spare!


The weather was slightly calm and it wasn’t too hot or maybe because we had the A/C running and were laughing our heads off at the silliest of jokes and just talking, talking and talking some more.

Later we sat in the food court without having a single bite, but talking some more and giggling like two insane people.

Original_image_table_and_chairs (1).jpg

We spoke about trivial stuff, some important stuff somewhere in between. But the time was a swift kick in the guts because it reminded us that we spent all of our morning talking and we didn’t realize time would be so cruel to run out on us.

We had decided to go to the movie, and ended up watching DR.STRANGE.



And I must say, the graphics and the details in that movie were amazing!! After all my friend did watch it for the second time only because I hadn’t watched it before and I wanted to!! (Sweetest remember?)

Later went into this amazing franchise food chain called ‘THE SIZZLERS’. And the food there was a perfect blend to the evening! The mouth watering chicken wings and the drumsticks were worth dying for!!

download (1)

To top this perfect meal, we ended it with sizzling dessert which was a hot sizzling brownie topped with a dollop of vanilla ice cream and dribbled with chocolate sauce and some nuts. The sizzling hot brownie and the cold ice cream were the perfect mix and the chocolate sauce was like a cherry on the top!


A perfect dessert for the perfect evening!

And we had to put an end to this awesome day, but it was without any regrets.

A day with my best friend, reminiscing about the past, and making plans for the future, is something I’ll always look forward to.

Miss you bestie ❤




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