Mama’s day off

I love my mama. So much. When my sister and I were little children, we ran out whenever my dad said something -because he was so strict, with a deep voice and so- , but as we grew up we learned the one who rules the house was mama. She was very patient when we were kids , but we know she can go from “I love you, honey” to “‘I brought you into this world and I can take you back out”.

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I know having kids is not easy, and usually parents gain a lot of stress from it -like dad’s belly, it was growing up every year-. My dad used to drink from time to time with his friends and he went through a lot of stages before getting drunk:

Stage 1 – talkative: “When my daughter was 3, …”

Stage 2 – generous: “Nataly, can you go to the store and buy more beers? You can keep the change”

Stage 3 – starving: “Nataly, can you tell your mom to make some popcorn, please?”

Stage 4 – remember: “When I was your age…”

Stage 5 – dancing queen

And the most painful:

Stage 6 – karaoke


I realize dad was the one who was drinking from time to time, but I never saw my mother to get tipsy or so. I always asked mom why dad had to sing so loud if he didn’t know the lyrics -my dad doesn’t speak english so it’s hilarios to hear him sing- and she told me dad was having some fun and I had to “let him be”. The day after my dad had this zombie face and my mom was always bringing him water and so -she is so take-caring -. As I grew up she also took care of me when I got tipsy , she’s really an angel. Until one day, the impossible happened. That’s right, my beloved audience:

My mother was drunk

Oh, the horror.

Yes, as you read it. We had a meeting with our neighbors and apparently the drinks were too strong. I can confirm it was the most hilarious moment in my life. She didn’t want to go to sleep, she refused to drink fresh wather -instead, she was drinking soda- and she begged me to bring her back to the party. In fact, she was looking for my father to ask him seriously why did he make the drinks too strong. As I was going to use my laptop and I put my headphones on, I could hear her saying: “Why are you using headphones? Oh , you’re watching PORN”.


I made sure she stayed hydrated, turned off the lights and let her sleep, as I remembered my first hangover. My parents brough me home, mom was upset and dad was literally laughing. I wanted to go to the bathroom, but I couldn’t make it so I pissed on my pants. My parents were making jokes for over a week. Now I guess is time for my sweet revenge (;




7 thoughts on “Mama’s day off

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  1. This is great, I’m glad you got a good story from it. I actually can’t think of a time my mom was drunk… she’s also the one that always takes care of the rest of us!


  2. Ha ha well I think your Mum deserved to get drunk after all those years of being so generous and patient with the rest of the family. If she was living in Ireland she would have been drunk many years earlier…..Ha Ha! x


  3. Mothers rule the house, I have to agree with you on that. How nice of you to have made such an entertaining narrative about your life with your mom. She seemed really cool.


  4. Yes, that’s true…mothers really own the house because the actually run it like a queen! Amazing and so relatable to read this. My dad’s stress can also be seen in his growing belly! Also, you had your lifetime experience.


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