City anniversary

Oh dear. The crowdest day of the year is perhaps the city anniversary of my hometown. Don’t get me wrong, I love it … sort of. The streets are crowded and all the cities next to my hometown come to sell their product, which is really nice. You know, peruvians can be really creative with advertisement, let’s check some of them really fast:

  1. Shoe store “Yahaira” : Yeah, I swear Paris Hilton was the real model.
  2.  This sign in the bathroom. We all know it gets less hard with the age.
  3. If Adolf Hitler had a car, I bet is not that one.
  4. What you can / can’t do in church. I guess I have to find another place to have fun.
  5. This literally says: “It’s strictly forbidden to throw garbage or human corpses”. Damn, they know what I do at night.
  6. This might be the funniest translation ever. For the record, “chocho” is a peruvian seashell.

Well, now that you know people is creative, you might imagine there’s plenty of products on the fair. Despite the delicious food, the show with local singers and all the souvenirs you get from all the sponsors, there’s a little problem: not enough space to walk. Which makes the fair a living hell if you go with childrens.

. Current shot of a peruvian local fair.

Well, despite everything, there’s one thing that’s worth it: firewors. They are all around the city, and they’re beautiful. When I was little I was afraid of them, but now … damn they’re beautiful. The main day they burn fireworks on the city center, and they are HUGE. Sometimes it feels like someone is dropping a bomb on the neighborhood -specially on new year’s eve- but that’s part of the celebration. All you have to do is come here and join the party!



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