Going to the store

I usually think about sarcasm in life and how people is always surprising you. Maya was an average classmate in highschool that just “enjoyed the moment”, so whenever you asked her what did she want to study, she didn’t have a clear answer. She was the funny girl in the world with sassy comments and always struggling with Math and Science subjects. Well, we ended highschool and now she’s about to graduate … as a DOCTOR.


She came over to see me yesterday and we decided to have some drinks and talk -I just came back from Finland and she is currently dating someone else, so we had a lot to catch up-. We ran out to the closest store to buy white soda …

Me: Hey mister, do you have

Vendor: Yes, I got it.

Me: But I didn’t tell you what I need.

Vendor: No problem young lady. If you need it, we have it and if we don’t, we get it for you.


Alright, that’s good for marketing!! So after buying some popcorn, soda and chips we were ready to go.

Vendor: It’s $14.80

Me: *pays with $15*

Vendor: Alright, thanks for shopping here. I’ll also give you 2 mint candies. You don’t know when you need one.


Damn, it’s like this vendor could read my mind!! Now I know where I am coming back to buy (:





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