(Un)usual afternoon

Yesterday was a nice day as usual. I went to the public swimming pool, paid my fee to enter … but the girl outside forgot to tell me they had swimming practice for club members only. How did I find out? Well, after changing my swimsuit and going to the pool, literally everyone was looking at me.


After coming back from the swimming pool I was working on my webcomic -you can check it HERE– when my sister called me. Her friend found a puppy on the street and she wanted me to help her. Sure, how can I say no to a little doggo?


So I gave him fresh water and some food. Lily and I noticed that the puppy was really scared -he was crying the whole time- when he got inside my house. For a moment I though I could keep the dog in the backyard and then explain the whole situation to my parents, as Lily had to go back to her house. But as soon as she was leaving, the puppy was following her! Then she said:

“Gosh, what can I do? Boys are always chasing me”


LMAO! I do hope that little puppy got a new home. Remember: If you see a house animal on the street, please stop to help! (:



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